Details from Elwin Trope:

Top Row. Left to right: Melvil Harris (my friend) Solly Jankelowitz (married to Ray Jankelowitz, my mother's sister), David Jankelowitz (Solly's son), Eli Trope (son of Morris Trope, my father's brother), Srol Lurie (married to Chaya, my father's sister),

2nd Row: Max Gordin (married to Mary, my father's sister), Mary Jacobson, (married to Benni Jacobson, my mother's brother), Hertzl Katz (married to Tzipa, my father's sister), Pearl Katz (my mother's half-sister, married to Mairim Katz), Mairim Katz (married to Pearl Katz), Lily Jacobson (my mother's sister), Ray Jankelowitz (my mother's sister), Benni Jacobson (my mother's brother), Lionel Trope (David Trope's son), Tzipa Katz (my father's sister), Rachel Trope (Moriis Trope's wife), Chaya Lurie (my father's sister), Lily Suntup (Morris Trope's daughter), David Trope (my father's brother), Leslie Suntup.

3rd Row: Mary Gordin (my father's sister), Leah Jacobson (my father's sister), Mary Trope (my mother), Elwin Trope (I look good), Louis Trope (my father), Morris Trope (my father's brother), Helen Trope (David Trope's wife).

4th Row: Joyce Trope (married to Eli Trope), Barry Jankelowitz (Solly Jankelowitz's son), Naureen Trope (later married to Ivan Nathan), Edwin Jankelowitz (Solly Jankelowitz's son)