Wedding in Kelme - 3rd September 1902

Translation from the Yiddish of text written on the back of the original of this photograph.

Wedding of my parents Chaya Sara Druzshinsky to Chaim Hirsh Friedman. Chaim Hirsh Friedman and his wife were killed in Rasein like the rest of the Jews during the Nazi occupation. In the photograph: In the centre, the Bride and Groom. On the right of the Groom are his parents Masha and Preidl. On the right, my grandfather, Shmuel Tatz. Left of the Bride, her mother Mere Leah Duchess (her mother in law’s name). The father and the brother of the Bride were already in Africa at that time. Left of Mere Leah Duchess, her son in law Kaplan with his little daughter on his lap.

Probable identity of those in the picture (different font used for those not certain):

Back Row:

Standing: (3) Mina (Tatz) Sax; (4) Henna (Tatz) Kaplan; (5) Tzilla (Tatz) Ratman; (6) Chasia (Tatz) Blacher;  (7) Avraham Blacher

Main Row Sitting: (3) Shmuel Tatz; (4) Preidl Friedman; (5) Masha Friedman; (6) Chaim Hirsh Friedman; (7) Chaya Sara Druzshinsky; (8) Mere Leah Duchess; (9) Unknown Kaplan plus his child.

Kneeling: (2) Zivia (Blacher) Tatz;

Front Row: